Determine the League's Top Offensive Lines

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Determine the League's Top Offensive Lines

A truly underrated aspect of determining the value of fantasy players before the season starts is analyzing their team's offensive line. Quarterbacks, running backs and receivers must enjoy fine blocking in order to succeed. A runner whose line cannot create holes in the defensive line won't get very far. Receivers whose quarterback is hurried with consistency won't receive accurate passes and quarterbacks forced to pick themselves off the turf all day don't generate good statistics.

The thing to remember is that average players will perform better on a team with a healthy and cohesive cadre of blockers, and worse with a team that trots out a weak offensive line. Figure out for yourself which lines you expect to do well during the season. Superstars, especially running backs, make a lot happen on their own, so this factor is less important when drafting them. This tip really can help when you are forced to determine which of two approximately equal fantasy talents to select. At those moments, choose the one with the better line.



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