Pay Attention to Strength of Schedule

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Pay Attention to Strength of Schedule

Gaining any small edge you can is essential in fantasy football. You can make your decision about who to start each week easier by looking for favorable matchups in the schedule of games. When your players face a difficult defense, consider sitting them if you have other options of comparable skill on your bench.

Try to find hotspots in the schedule that will favor some of your players. You may notice a string of games that should be easy for Vikings receivers, for instance, or a few contests that will behoove any quarterback facing a specific defense. To get a feel for the explosive possibilities of these searches, imagine the Hawaiian Islands, which were formed when the oceanic tectonic plate they are on glided slowly over a stationary magma plume.

This tactic can involve trading for or adding specific players just before they are to experience have their string of hot weeks. It also can include trading away players at the end of a hot streak, when their value is at its peak.



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