How to Be a Great Quarterback

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How to Be a Great Quarterback

The quarterback is the most popular position in all of sports. It is held by the most dominant player in the game because they are armed with the most important skills: Leadership, athletic prowess, and intelligence. So how does one develop these skills and become a great QB?

1. The quarterback is basically a coach that plays the game.

2. He has to spend the most time learning the playbook, front to back, and has to understand the job that every other position is required to perform during any given play.

3. A great QB will have a perfect understanding of the play they are calling in the huddle, and will be able to adjust to different plays at the line based on the defensive setting in front of them.

4. A great quarterback has to do more than just study books. Even though he is not the biggest or fastest player on the field, the QB is typically one of the most athletic.

5. He always has to be aware of blitzing defenders, defensive backs jumping routes, and what his receivers are doing at the line of scrimmage.

6. Having the endurance to scramble around in the backfield, to shrug off hits, and to sling a ball 50 yards is absolutely required.

7. Finally, a great quarterback is a leader of his team. The QB accepts almost all of the success and all of the failure during a game. The way a QB reacts to adversity will set the tone for the rest of the team.



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