The 5 Best Quarterbacks in NFL History

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The 5 Best Quarterbacks in NFL History

You may find yourself wondering how we can narrow down the NFL to only name five of the best quarterbacks of all time, and it's true, it wasn't easy. After much research, many names appeared on the list and only six or seven were repeated. After narrowing even further, the list is complete.

1. In no order of importance, we begin with Peyton Manning on the simple fact that this year was definitely his greatest year. He set five records as a rookie including most touchdown passes and yards. Peyton is more a student of the game than any other quarterback. His ability to read a defense during the game based on film that he has watched makes him stand out among his peers.

2. Coming in at number 2, Tom Brady had the most wins in his first 100 starts and his team was the only undefeated in the 16-game era.

3. For the third position on our list we must recognize the always cool under pressure, Joe Montana. He won back to back MVP's and won Super Bowl XXIII with a 92 yard drive.

4. Our number four slot goes to John Elway who has one of the best winning percentages in league history (148–82–1). Also, he boasts nine Pro Bowl selections for a quarterback, which is the 2nd highest in history.

5. Last but certainly not least in any regard is Johnny Unitas. He certainly changed how the position was played by introducing the two-minute offense and becoming the first quarterback to have a 30-touchdown season. Johnny Unitas was instrumental in the Baltimore Colts' 23-17 win against the New York Giants in 1958 which was dubbed "The Greatest Game Ever Played."



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