The Best Strategies to Become a Quality Quarterback

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The Best Strategies to Become a Quality Quarterback

Quarterbacks can be the difference between an elite team and one that just plain stinks. The quarterback is the captain, the leader, the most important player on the field. He can make all of the throws, make all of the play-calls, and read every single defense he comes across.

Sounds easy, right? We don't think it does either. Because of the depth that goes into becoming a quality quarterback we have found that there are a few strategies to really excelling at the position--regardless of skill level. Let's take a look.

1. The main strategy that a quarterback should follow is to stick to his skill-set. Many people play the quarterback position for many different reasons.

-Dan Marino was able to play quarterback at an elite level because he had an amazing arm.

-Chad Pennington had an insanely successful college career because of his dead eye accuracy.

-Tim Tebow became a household name due to his ability to scramble and keep plays alive.

So, find out where you are on the spectrum. Know what makes you a good quarterback. If you have great athletic prowess then lean on your legs. If you have a killer arm then try to make the big throws. So on, so forth.

2. Outside of sticking to your skill-set as a quarterback you should also try and become the most well versed player on the field. This means that you need to glue your eyes to the playbook and learn all of the routes. Becoming the most prepared player will pay huge dividends down the road towards your successful career.



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