How to Increase Your Speed

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How to Increase Your Speed

Here are some ways to improve your speed:


That’s right. Lift weights. You might think that lifting weights will bulk you up and slow you down, but that is not the case. Lifting weights helps to strengthen your leg muscles. Stronger leg muscles apply more force to the ground when you dig in to run. This allows you to have long strides and cover more ground. This, combined with an increased strike rate (how often you cycle your legs) will increase your speed.


This exercise works the legs in the same manner that a stride does. The hip flexors will open up and give you more range of motion as your leg muscles strengthen.

Aqua Running

You are working on increasing your strike rate with this exercise. Aqua running is exactly that – running in water. Deep water, to be exact. Before you get in the water, time how often your right foot touches the ground when you are running. Then run in the water, concentrating on bringing the foot down faster. Your strike rate will be less but the effort will reveal itself when you try the drill again on land. You will gradually see your strike rate increase.



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