How to Make College Football Recruiters Take Notice

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How to Make College Football Recruiters Take Notice

Playing football in college is the dream of many high school players. There are a couple of things that hopefuls can do to make themselves more visible to recruiters:

1. Make a Highlights Tape

This is the most crucial piece of information you can put out there about yourself. Clips of you playing your position to the max are exactly what recruiters are interested in seeing. Make sure you get good footage and compile it so that the recruiters can see you clearly. Add your stats to the end of the film so it can be a one-stop shot containing everything about you. With the advent of video sites like YouTube, sharing this visual is easier than ever.

2. Promo Pack

Put together a promotions package showcasing your information. Craft a cover letter that details your interest in collegiate sports, include a recent copy of your transcript, a color photo, and provide a link to access your highlight video. If you have letters of recommendation, add them to the pack as well. Make copies of these documents and keep them on hand to give out whenever possible.

3. Go to Camps

Get out there and make yourself known. Attend camps given by the schools you want to play for. Recruiters might make an appearance and be able to see what you can do. These camps are also great to test yourself against the competition.

4. Blow Their Minds

You have to be good. After all of the preparation and marketing is done, it all comes down to that. Hone your skills and make sure you are a beast at what you do. Work on things like increasing your speed and agility. Run as many drills as you can so you can be more accurate. Do it better than anyone else and people will take notice.



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