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How to Talk Like a Football Fan

Are you just getting into football and you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about? Or are you going to a football party and don’t want to be the only one asking what just happened?

If either of these scenarios applies, this tip is for you! Here are 5 terms you will hear thrown around the football party. Master these and you’ll look like you’ve been into the sport for years:

Down: A down is the timeframe between when the ball is live, or in play, and when it is dead and the play is over. A down is one play. Think of it as a try – I’ll tell you why in the next definition.

First and Ten: This is when a team has a first down with ten yards to go to get another first down. This is where game play starts. The lines on the field represent 10 yards each. A team has 4 downs (or tries) to make it to the next yard marker before they have to turn the ball over to the other team.

Fumble: This is when the ball gets dropped during a play. There is usually a bunch of yelling from the folks around the TV associated with this.

Loose Ball: Sometimes a player can knock the ball out of someone’s hands. That is called a loose ball. Players from both teams try to fall on it the gain possession.

Offside: This happens when a player’s leg, arm, or even just a toe are past the kick line (scrimmage line) when the ball is snapped or kicked. The player is considered out of position, or offside.

These terms will get you started. If them folks around you start talking in depth about plays and strategies, nod your head and take a swig of your drink – it’ll work, believe me!

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