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Play it Safe and Avoid These Common Football Injuries

Football is an intense contact sport that demands strength, speed, and coordination. However, football players of all ages may experience concussions, blown knees, broken bones, lacerations, and fractures.

One study suggests that an estimated 1.2 million injuries occur each year out of 1.5 million young football players across the United States. Parents often fear for the safety of their Pee Wee Football player, but adult players may be at even higher risk for certain injuries.

The Governor's Council on Physical Fitness, Health & Sports offers a few basic guidelines designed to reduce the likelihood of injury:

-Children under six-years-old shouldn't play football

-Kids under the age of 10 shouldn't play tackle football

-All athletes need regular physical evaluations

-Players need year-round practice to remain in peak physical condition

-Proper equipment and apparel are vital for protecting the body

Common Football Injuries

The most common injuries, according to experts on the subject include:

Traumatic injuries: A torn ligament in the knee, like an ACL injury, or a tear of the labrum, which is cartilage bumper of the shoulder.

Concussions: A hot topic across the nation, a concussion often causes a loss of consciousness and may harm the brain.

Overuse injuries: Fatigue in the body around the back and the knees is common. Repetitive stress of the body may make it hard to recover.

Heat injuries: Training in August is rough and the high temperatures and humidity may lead to dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Avoiding Common Injuries

It's impossible to remove the chance of injury in football, but there are some rules players should observe:

-Learn to tackle properly

-Know the symptoms of a concussion

-Don't play while injured

-Keep hydrated

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