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How to Make that Field Goal

We all see the football players kick that field goal from a distance and often have no problem criticizing: "C'mon, how could you miss that?! It was such an easy shot?"

The question, however, is whether or not the kick really was as easy for the player on the field as it appeared to those of us watching from the comfort of our living room couches.

Goal Post Dimensions

The typical NFL regulation size dimensions of the goal posts are at least 30 feet tall. The crossbar is about 10 feet off the ground. The goal posts are 18 feet and six inches apart from each other, from inside to inside. There is a ribbon that is four inches thick by 42 inches long attached to the top of each posts. The actual goal is the plane that rises up indefinitely in between the outer edge of the posts and above the cross bar.

High and Narrow

With these dimensions, the trick for kickers is to get the ball to project forward in a straight direction. Clearing the 10 food high crossbar is generally not a problem. The question is whether or not they can get it to pass through the narrow area between the posts.


How to Draw a Football Field.

Football stadiums are among the most iconic buildings in all of entertainment and the field therein is equally identifiable. In order to draw a football field you just need a little eye for detail.

If you are drawing a football field to scale you need to allow space for 120 yards long and 53 yards wide. Each endzone is ten yards deep to allow room for players to play the game. In the middle of the actual field, at the fifty yard line, there should be a yardage indicator and perhaps a logo to show that you have reached midfield.

After you've settled on the outline of the field you can start filling in all of the details. You can add yardage markers along the sidelines in 10 yard intervals. You can also add smaller dashes to signify the passage of individual yards. To spice up the football field design you can add logos to each endzone, one to signify the home team, and the other to signify the away team.

After that is done, with a little bit of expertise in perspective drawing, you can add goal posts to the endzone and call your field complete!

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