The 3 Skillsets That All Elite Quarterbacks Have in Common

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The 3 Skillsets That All Elite Quarterbacks Have in Common

The quarterback position, more than any other position in any othe sport, sets itself apart by the demands that it places upon the player. An elite quarterback, no matter what level of football he plays, will share the same skillset as most other elite quarterbacks. Let's take a look at just what makes a great QB.

1. The first thing all great QBs have in common is their affinity for the playbook. Having a complete and thorough understanding of the playbook leads to smoother plays and a dearth of confidence in the huddle. A great QB will be expected to understand every job that the players around him will be required to do, as well as his own.

2. The second thing a great QB will possess is great leadership. The QB sets the tone for how a team will play, how they will behave in the huddle as well as off of the field. A quarterback that is mature, self sacrificing, and respectful will be able to really control the huddle and run a more efficient game.

3. The last thing great QBs have in common is their athletic ability and capability of functioning under fire. From the first snap of the game, to the last, the QB is the most wanted man on the field. The defense is keyed in on him and doing everything they can to make him miserable. So a quarterback that can roll with this kind of pressure, brush off hits, and scramble out of the pocket, will be able to excel where lesser QBs will struggle.

Bottomline- being a great QB demands both talent and hard work.



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