The Date of the Super Bowl: One of Sporting's Biggest Events

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The Date of the Super Bowl: One of Sporting's Biggest Events

Americans consider Super Bowl Sunday a holiday. Since the inception of the big game, the date of that Sunday used to fall somewhere towards the end of January on the calendar.

Teams originally played on the second Sunday in the month, then the third, and later the fourth Sunday. Eventually, to span a seventeen-week season, the Super Bowl's official date became the first Sunday in the month of February, where it remains to this day.

Of course, fans consider the Super Bowl as more than just a game. It's also one of the biggest events of the year for music and for advertising. Each year, commercials debut from hundreds of major brands and products, all vying and paying huge sums of money to get a slot on the Super Bowl. This is the one time of the year where people love commercials.

Halftime has also become another large event, with a big-name musical performer always playing live to entertain the masses.



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